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Available Lizards - 9/15/2011

Snakes, Lizards, Turtles/Tortoises, Amphibians, Sugar Gliders, Breeding Projects

Common Name



Leopard Gecko
Eublepharis macularius

Leopard Gecko

Prices range from $25 to $80

Babies, juveniles and adults in stock, and now more morphs are available: normal, albino, tangerine, blizzard, blazing blizzard, leucistic, Mack Snow and more are available

African Fat Tailed Geckos
Hemitheconyx caudicunctus


Normal Adults, One albino Female avail

Giant Day Geckos
Phelsuma m. madagascariensis

Day Gecko


Several well started babies available, these are showing some great blue color in the head that I have not seen on others that we had available.

Gold Dust Day Geckos
Phelsuma laticauda laticauda

Day Gecko

$49.00 ea

none currently available

Crested Geckos
Rhacodactylus ciliatus

crested gecko

$45.00 to $69.00

available babies! One adult male in stock as well, he's very nice, full tail, perfect looking animal.

Golden Geckos
Gekko auratus


4 available

Tokay Geckos
Gekko gekko


Nocturnal blue with red spots, typical attitude! These are not crummy imports that are all deflated, these are healthy husky animals!

Gargoyle Geckos


Out of Stock

White Lined Geckos
Gekko vittatus


The Skunk gecko, nice white stripe down the back

Marbled Geckos
Gekko mamorata

Marbled Gecko


Nocturnal tan background with light marbled pattern

Australian Bearded Dragons
Pagona vittaceps

Bearded Dragon

$60.00 and up

2014 Gold Citrus babies available

$35.00 and up

2015 babies hatching now!.

Hatching Dragon

Dwarf "Red Ackie" Monitor
Varanus acanthanuras acanthanuras

Red Ackie


We are now working with these awesome little monitors again!!! More info upon request: email Adam@harrisinwonderland.com!

Timor Monitor
Varanus timorensis


A great dwarf species, super cool little monitor!

Peach Throat Monitor
Varanus sp


One in stock, this is a gorgeous monitor!

Argus Monitor
Varanus panoptes


One sub-adult, this animal must be seen in person, a real looker that words cannot describe.

Black and White Argentine Tegu
Tupinamis spp

Argentine Black and White Tegu


One adult tegu avaliable.

Red Tegu
Tupinamis merianae

Argentine Black and White Tegu


Out of stock.

Columbian Gold Tegu
Tupinamis teguixin


These smaller tegus are attractive, jumpy animals that will give you the benefits of a tegu without the large size of the Argentine and Red tegus.

Savannah Monitor
Varanus exanthematicus

$25.00 to 80.00

Well started juveniles available

Green Iguana
Iguana iguana

$25.00 and up

Out of stock, we have Green Iguanas in stock from time to time and we will special order these for you, but despite what the industry will have you believe, these really are highly specialized lizards and are not suitable for many people

Rhinoceros Iguana
Cyclura cornuta

$375.00 and up

Out of stock

Veiled Chameleon
Chameleo calyptratus

Veiled Chameleon

$75.00 to $150.00

Great lizard for the chameleon novice and experienced keeper alike, more hardy and tolerant than most other chameleon species and no less spectacular.

Panther Chameleon
Furcifer pardalis

Panther Chameleon

$250.00 - $500

female panther

Nosy Be eggs are incubating now. Blue-Bar Ambilobe (parents below) have all sold! New pairings are happening now. Babies available late summer.

Blue Bar AmbilobeBlue Bar AmbilobeBlue Bar Ambilobe

Jackson's Chameleon
Chameleo jacksonii

Veiled Chameleon


Great intermediate level lizard for the chameleon keeper, Jackson's Chameleons have unique captive requirements and are well worth the extra effort. (Ignore the picture, I'll bust out the camera and stop slackin' with the pics tomorrow)

Graceful Chameleon

Veiled Chameleon


Several nice animals are currently available. These are wc, but are adjusted and eating well.

Fisher's Chameleon

Veiled Chameleon


These unique looking chameleons are great if you have a little chameleon experience and would like to keep something a little different.

Sudan Plated Lizard
Gerrhosaurus major

plated lizard


One long term captive in stock

Yellow Throat Plated Lizard
Gerrhosaurus flavigularis

yellow throat plated lizard


One in stock

Green Basilisk Lizard
Basilicus plumifrons


Several CB babies/juv in stock

Schneider's Skink
Novoeumeces schneideri algeriensis

schneider's skink


These are well adjusted adults, wc of course, apparently no one is breeding these in captivity? Some one should, these are beautiful, personable lizards

Asian (Chinese) Water Dragon
Physignathus cocincinus

Water Dragon


Several nice juveniles in stock

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