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Other Mammals

Harris in Wonderland's small mammal department has undergone a few changes since our move to Avon in 2006. We have hamsters, rats and mice, and of course, our Sugar Gliders. We are able to special order select animals such as ferrets, guinea pigs, bunnies, chinchillas, and hedgehogs that will arrive as healthy young animals that will adjust quickly to you and their new home. These animals are raised at reputable, responsible, USDA approved sources.

We breed some animals right here in the store. A variety of hamsters are bred here, including golden hamsters, brown and white, long hair, and most recently the blackberry teddy bear hamsters and the panda bear hamsters. Additionally, we are working with a pair of Fat Tailed Jirds (a relative of the gerbil) in hopes of successfully raising some babies.

We stock a wide range of products to properly house, feed, and maintain your pet for a long healthy life as your companion. 

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