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Reptiles and Amphibians

Welcome to the Reptile and Amphibian section of Harris in Wonderland. A large portion of our store is dedicated to reptiles and amphibians and the products for their proper care and maintenance. We carry the finest selection of reptiles and amphibians in the state. We have a wide selection ranging from hardy herps for the beginner to the unusual species and color morphs for the more advanced. Harris in Wonderland Pet Shop is not only a full retail store for all of your supply needs, but we can offer loads of knowledge, know-how and advice from years of hands-on experience. Many of the animals that we have in stock are bred right here or are bred locally by reputable sources.


Coming soon: pages dedicated to our terrariums, terrarium construction, live plants and terrarium inhabitants. A work in progress, you can check out our Terrarium page now. Also, we have some nice dart frogs, mantellas, tree frogs, and more available in the amphibian section of the available animals page.

Please see our available page to view our current stock or our breeding projects to see what will be available in the future. If you are not sure about selecting a reptile or amphibian for a pet, please read the rest of this page. Care sheets are available for some species as well by following this link or the links in the text below.

Who Wants a Reptile for a Pet?
Perhaps not the ideal pet for everyone, reptiles are a great choice as a pet for a variety of reasons. Anyone with allergies preventing them from having a furry companion may find that a reptile is just what they are looking for. One who enjoys a pet that does not crave a lot of personal contact or overwhelming attention, yet is still able to be handled will find some reptiles to be just the right fit. Often, these animals are not demanding, are fairly clean and simple to keep, and are something a little different from your usual hamster. The incredible variation of species, range of sizes, many color phases or “localities” and personalities found across the world of reptiles offers something for everyone who can enjoy the wonders of nature.

Is a Snake the Right Pet for Me?
Considering a snake for a pet? Then consider the following. Many snakes make great pets. They are easy to maintain, easy to keep clean, easy to feed, and come in a variety of flavors. You will need a tank or other secure cage (a snake will find any escape route if one exists), a heat source (lamp or heat mat), water bowl, suitable bedding for the bottom of the cage, a hide or retreat for your snake, and care information specific to the animal you buy. These essentials can be purchased right from our products page where we offer what we consider to be some of the best products available for proper husbandry. Beginner recommendations from Harris in Wonderland include Corn snakes and King snakes. Other considerations may include Ball Pythons and Boa constrictors. Look for a snake that has good body weight but is not obese, is active when handled, be certain that it is eating regularly and ask for proof of that, be sure the scales are regular and not raised, and ask questions about the particular snakes habits, habitat and history.

If you are not comfortable holding a snake, live with someone who is afraid of snakes, or not prepared to pay for the necessary equipment for the proper care of a snake, then this is not the pet for you.

Is a Lizard the Right Pet for Me?
Considering a lizard for a pet? Then consider the following. Many lizards make great pets, but please choose wisely. Most lizards are nervous little creatures by nature and would prefer not to be touched, just observed. There are some exceptions, of course, so if you are going to regularly interact with your pet, research which ones are best for this or ask a knowledgeable store staff member. Also, be prepared to spend some money to have the necessary equipment to keep your lizard happy and healthy. Most will require a tank or other secure cage, a heat source (lamp or heat mat), an Ultraviolet light source, water bowl, suitable bedding for the bottom of the cage, and care information specific to the animal you buy. Beginner recommendations from Harris in Wonderland include Leopard Geckos and Bearded Dragons. Look for an active lizard (remember that many are active at night) that eats well and regularly (ask to see it eat to be sure), make sure the eyes are open and alert, the lizard should have good body weight, good muscle tone and fat reserves with no skinny, boney looks. Ready to advance? Then look into Veiled Chameleons, Uromastyx Lizards, or Monitors.

Is a Turtle or Tortoise the Right Pet for Me?
Considering a turtle or tortoise for a pet? Then consider the following. Turtles and tortoises make absolutely wonderful pets. They are active, personable, hardy, long-lived, and interesting. They are, however, voracious eaters, really long-lived (seriously), and can be fairly messy. Many of the aquatic species of turtles require large, elaborate set-ups to thrive and the water fouls quickly, needing frequent water changes or quality filtration. Land turtles and tortoises can get fairly large, will need to eat every day, and may live well over 100 years. For the benefit of your potential pet be honest with yourself about keeping up with the maintenance. As long as you are up to the task in terms of the maintenance, Harris in Wonderland recommends Red-Eared Sliders and Red-Foot Tortoises or Russian Tortoises for the beginner.

Is an Amphibian the Right Pet for Me?
Considering an amphibian for a pet? Then consider the following. Frogs, toads and salamanders make interesting, unusual pets. They have a unique natural history and are an incredibly diverse group of animals with a wide range of colors and sizes. The maintenance of these creatures will often require just a bit more attention to detail for successful long-term maintenance. Due to the nature of amphibians, the constant availability of fresh, clean water is vital to their survival. Stagnant water can quickly become toxic to an amphibian. Many of the aquatic species need frequent water changes or quality filtration. Fortunately, there are now many products available to simplify this process. With careful attention to the requirements of amphibian maintenance, Harris in Wonderland recommends White’s Treefrogs and Argentine Horned Frogs for the beginner. Ready to advance? Then look into Red-Eyed Treefrogs, Mantellas or Dart Frogs.

Is a Crocodilian the Right Pet for Me?
No, not likely.

Captive Bred versus Wild Caught
As often as is possible, captive bred specimens are made available, as these are by far the healthiest, and are the responsible choice for any self-respecting nature lover out there. Please do your part and purchase captive bred animals instead of an animal that has been displaced from its wild home, shipped, starved, chilled, overheated, stressed, and possibly sold illegally at some point in its journey to the market.

Still Uncertain About a Choice?
We even offer educational opportunities where Adam will come to your school, library, scouting event, or birthday party to present about 20 creatures from all over the world, including many of the species mentioned above. It is a great opportunity to see these fascinating animals close up and learn about each one. There is also an opportunity to touch and hold a live reptile, and a feeding demonstration is even an option as well. Consider a live reptile and amphibian show to get some real insight into the wonderful world of herptiles.

Care Sheets available:
Corn snakes King snakes Ball Pythons Boas
Leopard Geckos Bearded Dragons
Red-Eared Sliders White's Treefrogs Horned and Pixie Frogs

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