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Frozen Feeder Mice
We produce our own feeders for our animals and we offer all sizes of live and frozen feeders to our customers. We occasionally end up with an excess of a particular size, which we then put on sale just to move them before they lose nutrient value. I'm working out the shipping now but until then, FOR LOCAL PICK UP ONLY:

Available in:

Sm. (20g)-reg 25 for $15.00
Lg (40g+)-reg 25 for $15.00

Order Frozen Mice:

Hornworm Pod
This item is a special addition to enable on-line ordering for this item. Shipping on this item will be Monday-Wednesday and may vary due to weather conditions. Actual shipping charges may be applied separately and may differ from the calculated amount based on location.
Price:  $14.99

Order Hornworm Pod:

Heat Wave
Radiant Terrarium Heater, 120 V, provides essential "belly heat" for digestion

Available in:

8 W, 8" x 8" (20cm x 20cm) - $12.89
16 W, 10.5" x 11"(26cm x 27.5cm)  -  $15.89
25 W, 11" x 17" (27.5cm x 42.5cm) -  $18.89

Order heat wave:

Ceramic Heat Emitter
Radiant Terrarium Heater, a great source of heat for nocturnal animals or as a 24 hour heat source, no light is emitted so it won't interefere with day/night light cycles

Available in:

60 watt - $19.99
100 watt - $21.99
150 watt - $27.49
250 watt - $32.49

Order ceramic heat emitter:

Heat and Light Reflector Dome
This is a great all-purpose light fixture for all incandescent light bulbs, ceramic heaters, and screw-in flourescent bulbs. For use with higher wattage bulbs be sure to order the ceramic socket.

Available in:

5.5" black, ceramic socket-$8.25
5.5" blk, with clamp-$10.25
8.5" blk, ceramic-$11.59
8.5" blk, with clamp-$10.89
10" blk, ceramic- $12.49

Order heat and light dome:

Exo Terra Glowlight
A regular day bulb charges the night glow coating feature on the inside of the bell of this fixture. When the light is turned off, the bell will continue to glow for a night time luminescence. Cool!
ExoTerra Glowlight
Available in:

Sm. (5" bell)- $16.25
Med. (8" bell)- $18.35

Order Glowlight:

Heat Cable
Radiant Terrarium heater in the form of a cable, a great source of heat for chameleons, arboreal snakes, terrariums, or as a 24 hour heat source, no light is emitted so it won't interefere with day/night light cycles

Available in:

15 w (11.5 ft) - $18.99
25 w (14.75 ft) - $20.99
50 w (23 ft) - $28.99

Order heat cable:

Heat and Light Full Hood
This is a well-designed light fixture perfect for many reptiles. The sturdy aluminum body withstands heat and includes extra plugs built right in for waterfalls, pumps, heat pads, etc. Choose the hood you want for use with incandescent light bulbs, ceramic heaters, and screw-in and pin flourescent bulbs.

Available in:

20" 2 incandescent bulbs - $26.99
24" 2 incandescent bulbs - $29.99
30" Combo(1 inc + 1 flo) - $46.99
36" Combo(1 inc + 1 flo) - $54.99
48" Combo - $65.99

Order heat and light hoods:

Got Mites? - Not anymore, Hands down the ultimate weapon against mites! Use strictly by the directions to eliminate external parasites. One application is effective for 30 days, breaking the vicious mite life cycle and saving your reptile!
Price:  $18.00

Order Provent-a-Mite:

EcoEarth is made of coco fiber and creates an ideal substrate for terrariums. One "brick" expands to many times its size as it absorbs and holds water.
Price:  $3.49

Order EcoEarth:

ReptiFlo 250 Water Pump
This tiny, powerful pump is just perfect to hide away in the bottom of your terrarium to circulate water, create a waterfall, or increase humidity. It can operate in as little as 1 inch of water.
Price:  $14.49

Order ReptiFlo 250:

ExoTerra Bendable Vines
Add these realistic bendable vines to any terrarium for a real tropical rainforest effect. They are the perfect perch for your chameleon or forest dragon. Wind two sizes together for a true jungle vine appearance.

Available in:

Fine - $6.99
Medium - $10.99
Large - $15.99

Order Bendable Vines:

UV Coil Lamp
Energy-Efficient, Ideal for basking desert reptiles, Optimal amounts of UVB & UVA ultraviolet rays, # 5,000 hour lamp life, Designed for use with ESU Reptile Heat & Light Reflector Domes.

Available in:

15 Watts - $17.99
23 Watts - $20.25

7% UVB, 20 Watts, Desert - $20.00 (limited supply)

Order UV Coil Lamp:

PowerSun UV Bulb
A combined source of heat and UV light, Ideal for basking desert reptiles, Iguanas, and more, Optimal amounts of UVB & UVA, Designed for use with ESU Reptile Heat & Light Reflector Domes.

Available in:

100 Watts - $48.00
160 Watts - $54.00

Order UV Coil Lamp:

Fresh Air Habitat
Sturdy aluminum frame with durable black mesh screening and water resistant PVC bottom. Essential equipment for most chameleons, appreciated by small water dragons, iguanas, and more.

Available in:

Small (20" x 18" x 12") - $39.99
Medium (26" x 24" x 12") - $65.99
Large (30" x 30" x 18") - $89.99

Order Fresh Air Habitat:


Acrylic Atrium
A similar enclosure to the Fresh Air Habitat, but constructed with clear acrylic sides to retain humidity. A perfect habitat for some of the tropical species of arboreal snakes, geckos, and other lizards.
Price:  $59.99

Order the Acrylic Atrium:

Habba Mist Misting Machine
A great solution to the problem of maintaining high humidity for those rainforest species. This automatic misting machine is programmable to produce a fine mist into an enclosure at 1, 3, 6, or 12 hour intervals for a duration of 15, 30, 45, or 60 seconds at a time. Great for frogs, chondros, leaf tail and crested geckos, chameleons, and more.
Price:  $57.99

Order Habba Mist Machine:

Bark Blend Substrate
Bark Blend is made of the natural ground bark of fir trees. It is an ideal, natural ground cover for most lizards, snakes, amphibians, tarantulas, turtles and hermit crabs.

Available in:

5 Quart - $4.99
10 Quart - $6.99
25 Quart - $15.99

Order Bark Blend Substrate:

Forest Floor Substrate
Forest Floor is made of the pure Red Cypress mulch. It is a great, all natural ground cover for lizards, snakes, amphibians, tarantulas, turtles and hermit crabs that will benefit from higher humidity levels.

Available in:

5 Quart - $4.99
10 Quart - $6.99
25 Quart - $15.99

Order Forest Floor Substrate:

Shredded Aspen Substrate
Aspen substrate is an all natural, dust free, odorless product made from the shredded wood of aspen trees. It is an ideal, natural ground cover for most snakes and many lizards, even tarantulas.

Available in:

4 Quart - $3.49
8 Quart - $5.49
24 Quart - $14.99

Order Shredded Aspen Substrate:

Creature Cubbyhole Hidebox
Provides a secure hiding place in any environment, Stackable, Durable, Easy to clean. THESE HAVE BEEN DISCONTINUED BY THE MANUFACTURER AND WILL BE UNAVAILABLE UNTIL I CAN FIND A SUITABLE REPLACEMENT.

Un-Available in:

Small - $2.79
Medium - $3.89
Large - $4.99

Order Creature Cubbyhole Hidebox:

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