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At Harris in Wonderland, we carry a nice selection of birds. We commonly have in stock parakeets, doves, finches, lovebirds, button quail, cockatiels, canaries, and more. Some of the birds that we have, such as cockatiels, lovebirds, and button quail, are bred right here at Harris in Wonderland. Some of the other birds that we have are locally bred by reputable, quality breeders who produce some fantastic birds. We stock appropriate caging and supplies, and we are happy to special order cages and other items for local customers. Let us know if we can help you find what you and your bird are looking for.

We also offer an incredible amount of experience and knowledge that will enhance your success and enjoyment of your bird at home. We can help you keep your bird healthy and happy, just stop by or call and we will be happy to assist you in any way that we can.

Please visit our Available Animals page to see what we currently have in stock.

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