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Links to our favorite places:

The Online Community for the Reptile and Amphibian Hobbyist

Breeding corn snakes? This site is very useful for figuring out all your corn combinations and determining what snakes to pair up. Great visuals are included along with a guide to all the possible morphs!

An excellent source of information to provide proper care for your reptilian pet!

Hosting Connecticut
Web hosting and website design in Connecticut for successful online business across the country and beyond. If you are looking for web hosting, design, or are in need of an on-line make over, we highly reccommend you contact Hosting Connecticut, they're fantastic!

PVAS -Pioneer Valley Aquarium Society
If you are into fish you need to become a PVAS member and further your enjoyment of the hobby by tapping into the expertise found here, taking part in the many activities of the club, and you'll be entitled to a discount on any purchases made here on-line or at our retail location!

CTARS - Connecticut Area Reef Society
If you are into Marine aquaria you need to join CTARS and further your enjoyment of your reef tank by hanging out with these folks, and again, you'll be entitled to a discount on any purchases made here on-line or at our retail location!

Badger Wilderness Guides
Adventure Travel at its finest! For you next trip, check the offerings here for an eco-tour, mountain ascent, or other travel arrangements to an exotic location you'll never forget.

World of Ball Pythons
World of Ball Pythons is a great resource for calculating expected offspring from a particular pairing and also to see the many amazing different morphs of this snake that exist!

Repashy Diets
We now carry these specialty diets and suppliments. Repashy makes high quality diets that are easy to use and provide the proper nutritional needs your animals require.

Eco Terrarium Supply
Eco Terrarium Supply produces unique naturalistic terrarium decorations. Jungle lianas (vines), exotic mosses, bamboo poles, bamboo roots, petrified wood food bowls, decorative terrarium wood, giant jungle leaves, live tropical mosses and more for your dendrobates an reptile terrariums. Eco Terrarium Supply also produces hand carved artistic and life like animal carvings from Bali Burl wood.

Herp Vet Connection
If you have a sick animal, it is essential that you find a qualified veterinarian as quickly as possible. Click on the link above to see listings for your area.

An on-line resource for families, family friendly search engine for shopping, travel, parents, children, health, and more. Also, see Safeabc.com.

Hartford Shopping & Services
The total guide to Shopping & Services in the Hartford region.

The Zoo in Forest Park
Located in Springfield, MA inside Forest Park, there is a great afternoon getaway. Do yourself a favor, take a break, grab a picnic lunch, get the kids together to enjoy the park and see all the wonderful creatures at the zoo. It's an easy and fabulous day trip right in our back yard!

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