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GliderAid Suppliment
GliderAid is a dietary suppliment that contains bee pollen and complex sugars that fuel the sugar gliders high metabolism. Use this to acclimate, hydrate, and train your glider.

Available in:

2 oz - $6.99
8 oz -  $15.89
15 oz -  $28.89

Order GliderAid:

Glider Complete Diet
Sugar Gliders require a varied diet. Glider Complete TM was formulated to deliver a high protein content,  along with diversity.  All in a simplified,  easy to feed diet. Some of the diversified ingredients in Glider Complete: Papaya, Pears, Golden raisins, Pineapple, Apples, Peaches, Blueberries, Apricots, Honey, and Bee pollen. It is now easy to offer your Sugar glider a varied diet that contains high animal proteins and fruits with out the hassle of mixing and cutting.

Available in:

32 oz - $15.99
10 lb - $35.99

Order Glider Complete:

Insect Eater Diet
This is a great diet to mix in to your glider feeding regime. This diet provides a good source of protein in the form of insects that comprise a fair portion of the gliders natural diet.

Available in:

6 oz can -$5.99
11 oz can -$8.99

Order Insect Eater Diet:


ZuPreem Marmoset Diet
This is a canned diet that is good to have on hand to provide some variety. Comes in a 15.5 oz can.
Price:  $4.89

Order ZuPreem Marmoset Diet:

Sugar Gliders Book
A great place to start, this Barron's book provides all the information you need to get off to the right start with your glider or get some initial information to learn before you buy.
Price:  $8.49

Order Barron's Sugar Gliders:

Fruit medley
A nice little selection of dried fruit treats to suppliment your gliders diet or for usae in training your glider. Contains no harmful preservatives.

Available in:

2 oz - $3.99
2 oz - $3.99

2 oz - $3.99

Order Fruit Medley:

Yogurt Drops
Variety is the spice of life. Offer as varied a diet as you can to keep your glider happy and healthy.

Available in:

Yogurt Drops 1 - $3.89
Yogurt Drops 2 - $3.89
Yogurt Drops 3 - $3.89

Order Yogurt Drops:


Hanging Nest Pouch
Provide your glider with a secure place to nest and rest in this hanging nest pouch. Made of warm and cozy polar fleece, hang this pouch up high in your gliders cage to provide a secure sleeping area.
Price:  $8.99

Order Hanging Nest Pouch:

Can O' Insects
Choose from several varieties of Zoo Meds can o' insects to provide some variety and protein to your gliders diet.

Available in:

Can o' Crickets - $3.99
Can o' Mealworms - $3.99
Can o' Pillars - $3.99

Order Can o' Insects:

Care Fresh Bedding
Care Fresh animal bedding is a safe, absorbant substrate for your gliders cage.

Available in:

5 Liter - $4.99
10 Liter - $6.99
50 Liter- $16.99

Order Care Fresh Bedding:

Bendable rope perches
These bendable rope perches are a great addition to your gliders cage and provide climbing surfaces for your little friend.

Available in:

out of stock
out of stock
out of stock

Order Bendable Rope Perches:

Rope and Wood Ladder
Varies the habitat and provides some entertaining surfaces for your glider. Out Of Stock

Available in:

Small - $2.79
Medium - $3.89
Large - $4.99

Order Rope and Wood Ladder:

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